Dec 022009

Before waxing lyrical on the joys of this particular gadget, I’d better start by outing myself as a recovering arachnophobic.

Actually, the word ‘recovering’ right there is possibly a bit of an exaggeration. Let me tell you, spiders and me just do not work together. NOT a fan.

So, for some sick reason, I get to be the one who is sent to review this Gravity Defying Gizmo in the form of an infra-red remote controlled spider which can climb walls and ceilings, just like a real one.

The rather creepy spider has an inbuilt fan system that creates enough suction to defy gravity while its tracks keep it moving along the walls. Or if you prefer (hey, I prefer, alright?!) you can flick a switch that turns the fan off, so the spider stays on the floor.

This – thing – requires six, count ‘em, AA batteries and measures a completely over-the-top 13 x 11 x 3.3 cm, which is seriously way too big for any spider-shaped object.

Still, not quite big enough to rival the world’s largest spider, the Goliath Birdeating spider which lives in the Amazon and has been known to grow to 30cm and live for 14 years, though I do need to point out that no birdeating spider living in my suburb would get the opportunity to grow anywhere near that big or live for .. well, live.

If you’re into remote control and you’re into spiders, this could be an absolute beauty. I would imagine there are many arachnophiles who would be hugely appreciative should they find it under their Christmas tree.

But should a Gravity Defying Spider of this size appear unannounced under the tree of an arachnophobic, recovering or not, I fear it risks total annihilation with a large blunt object.

Bottom line: Not happy, Tim
How much : £29.99

Aug 152009

quikpodQuik Pod

Don’t you hate asking complete strangers to take a photo of you and the family posing outside Tourist Trap 24 when you’re away on holidays?

Not only do they usually need detailed instructions to activate a completely automatic point-and-shoot camera, they are just as likely to blur the shot – which always features the camera-owner looking anxious with mouth half-open issuing instructions – “No, not that button!”

And there is always that worry in the back of your mind – Will this be the time that the stranger runs off with my camera?

The Quik-Pod is the solution – one of those simple little gadgets that seems so obvious you wonder why it wasn’t invented decades ago.

It’s a hand-held extendable polycarbonate and aluminium rod used for taking pictures of yourself without the need for others.

The Quik Pod is also useful in crowds – it can be used to aim a camera above your head to photograph a concert or sporting event.

With a built-in self-positioning mirror to help frame the shot, the Quik Pod sells for around US$30.

Price: about US$30

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