Apr 152006

james_bondIf you’re a James Bond fan, and you’ve always had a hankering to have your very own Q  delivering you-beaut wearable gadgets – boy, will you be impressed by these! MP3 sunglasses have been around for a year or two now, so prices are dropping and quality rising. Now could be the time to indulge your Inner Bond.

Standard inclusions are a rechargeable lithium battery and USB-compatible player built into the sunglass arms.

(The USB function means that – yes, it doubles as a flash drive. Could be the perfect place to store those secret files, Miss Moneypenny.)

Controls are usually on the top of the arms, which also hide the swivel-down earphones when not in use.

Oakley – http://oakley.com.au/

The original and therefore, of course, the dearest.  Ever so cool, the Oakley Thump and new Thump 2 brand themselves as “the world’s first digital eyewear.”  Between $400 and $600 gets you light, stylish lenses made from something called ‘Plutonite.’ Sounds good enough to impress Q.

Linophir – http://www.linophir.com.au/
The bargain-priced Chinese-made Aigo sunglasses still look the part, and deliver the audio goods without breaking the bank. The 256 MB version retail for just $129, while for $229, you’ll get 1 GB of storage.