Aug 152009

quikpodQuik Pod

Don’t you hate asking complete strangers to take a photo of you and the family posing outside Tourist Trap 24 when you’re away on holidays?

Not only do they usually need detailed instructions to activate a completely automatic point-and-shoot camera, they are just as likely to blur the shot – which always features the camera-owner looking anxious with mouth half-open issuing instructions – “No, not that button!”

And there is always that worry in the back of your mind – Will this be the time that the stranger runs off with my camera?

The Quik-Pod is the solution – one of those simple little gadgets that seems so obvious you wonder why it wasn’t invented decades ago.

It’s a hand-held extendable polycarbonate and aluminium rod used for taking pictures of yourself without the need for others.

The Quik Pod is also useful in crowds – it can be used to aim a camera above your head to photograph a concert or sporting event.

With a built-in self-positioning mirror to help frame the shot, the Quik Pod sells for around US$30.

Price: about US$30

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